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About   Snowy River Interstate Landcare

The 9 member groups of Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee include Ando, Bibbenluke and Cathcart (ABC), Craigie, Corrowong/Wallendibby and Tombong, Deddick River, Delegate River, Little Plains, Mila, Nungatta/Yambulla and Mt. Piper. These Landcare groups are formed along sub catchment boundaries and meet up to four times a year to discuss and solve a range of agricultural and natural resource management issues.
The majority of Landcare members are sheep and cattle graziers, with some minimal cropping activities mostly centred around fodder crops.   Landcare groups list as a high priority the effect of weeds on production and the environment, soil erosion, vertebrate pests, riparian health and matters of sustainable agricultural production.
Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
Our member groups

The Snowy River Interstate Landcare committee is responsible for ten Landcare groups from within the Snowy River Catchment, Monaro NSW and East Gippsland Victoria.


  • Ando/Bibbenluke/Cathcart and Creewah (ABC Landcare)

  • Craigie

  • Corrowong/Wallendibby/Tombong

  • Deddick River

  • Delegate River

  • Little Plains

  • Mila

  • Mt Piper

  • Nungatta/Yambulla


These Landcare groups are formed along sub catchment boundaries and meet between two and four times a year to discuss to address their priority natural resource management issues.

Why should I join?

 If you are a primary producer there are some wonderful opportunities available to assist you in maintaining the balance between improving productivity on your land while managing weeds, pest animals and improving your soil health and landscape resilience to degradation and erosion.


If you are a landholder and do not generate a commercial income from your land, Landcare can keep you in touch with how to manage your weeds and pest animals which has flow-on benefit’s to the region as a whole.  Being involved in your Landcare Group allows you to access Government funding and can provide opportunities to forge new friendships and learn from a diverse range of individuals.

By becoming an active member, you can provide vital information to NRM and Departmental bodies ie. Weed density mapping, feral animal impacts, which collectively assists in Government policy decision making and attention to NRM issues.

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
Landcare is for everyone

If you want to be part of Landcare, there are plenty of ways to be involved. Check out the maps on this site to see what area you belong to and contact the landcare office for further information on how to become a member.


If you have specific skills and would like to contribute to supporting a community group or the environment our Landcare groups can utilise a wide range of skills to assist their projects and operations. These can include (but are not limited to):


  • organising events

  • writing or editing newsletters

  • writing news articles or media releases

  • help with funding administration – audits, book keeping, reporting

  • providing training on accounts, software, governance

  • sharing your knowledge as a guest speaker

  • mapping works or documenting/facilitating project plans.


To get involved in an upcoming activity, contact your local Landcare group or the Landcare Office on 02 64584003, or use the contact form on this website.

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