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Engaging the Snowy Mountain Basin Community

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee was fortunate to receive funding through the National Landcare Program for the local Victorian community.


This project includes two workshops plus the opportunity for onground projects. Expressions of interest for the first round have closed for project funding of landholders and residents within the target areas.


The two workshops are funded to deliver information and guest speakers  including subjects such as pasture and ground cover options, weed management, land rehabilitation, tree management,  soils, and erosion issues.


Colin Seis proved to be a valuable and committed presenter at the 28 April workshop.  Colin delivered a range of ideas to improve pasture ecology and overall farm profitability. His willingness to visit and discuss local sites was appreciated and this allowed local farmers to ask plenty of questions about cropping, weed management and soil health.


A second workshop is also being planned and further details will soon be available.



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