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Snowy River Biodiversity Fund “Weaving the Web”




In 2012, the Southern Rivers CMA applied for and was successful in receiving a Federal Government, Biodiversity Fund grant for the Snowy River catchment. Partnerships with Snowy River Interstate Landcare and local Landcare groups are a priority for the successful delivery of this project.  This six year project will build onto the platform of the Snowy River Rehabilitation Project and Monaro Grassland Strategy and will assist in improving biodiversity in agricultural landscapes (terrestrial and riparian), protecting remnant vegetation and targeting key weed threats.



The project, now in its third year, is focused on private lands in the area of the Snowy River catchment in the Delegate/Bombala region completing activities under all themes of this project:


  • To secure 110 ha of restoration sites on the Snowy River, tributaries and surrounding landscapes to protect, buffer and enhance biodiversity values;

  • To deliver 10 ha of re-vegetation on riparian and cleared agricultural lands in the corridor between Kosciusko National Park and the Snowy River.

    • To reduce grassy and riparian weed threats across 750 hectares of land

Project objectives

The overall purpose of the Snowy River Bio-Fund ‘Weaving the Web Project’ is to manage and enhance biodiversity values across multiple sites on private land to connect the upper Snowy River to Kosciusko National Park in NSW.
For further information or to discuss a possible project relating to the Snowy River Biodiversity Fund Contact the Landcare Office on 64584003.

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