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The Mila Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and became incorporated in 1995. The Landcare Group is situated within the Bombala Council area and covers an area of approximately 28 176ha hectares.  Its neighbouring Landcare Groups include Little Plains to the West, Craigie to the South West and Mt Piper to the North West.  The township of Bombala is situated to the North East.



Tributaries include:


  •     Jackson’s Bog/Mila Bog

  •     Saucy Creek

  •     Dundundra Creek

  •     Rock Flat Creek

  •     Warburton Creek


Land use in the area is diverse and includes:


  •     Merino sheep

  •     Prime Lambs

  •     Beef Cattle

  •     Cropping – Winter cereals and fodder

  •     Farm Forestry

  •     Private forest (hardwood and softwood)

  •     State forests


The Mila Landcare Group has achieved numerous environmental and sustainable agricultural projects over the past 20 years, since establishing:


The group’s first project was to establish a Rabbit Eradication Control Program which initially started in the early 1960’s.  More recently, (1998 -2008) the project received funding to employ one person part time and the provision of chemical to control rabbit populations.

Weed Control has always been a priority for the Mila Landcare Group with works carried out to deal with Chilean Needle Grass and Serrated Tussock.  The Chilean Needle Grass was an isolated incursion and was dealt with efficiently over a season while control of Serrated Tussock is ongoing and requires continued vigilance.  In 2009, the group was part of a regional serrated tussock project that involved mapping and spraying.


Group members have participated in the local, coordinated fox baiting program each year, run through the Local Health and Pest Authority (LHPA).


Riparian/waterway projects were another focus for the group with works occurring on the Dundundra Creek, Saucy Creek, Spring Flat Creek, Mila Bog and Duguids Bog and included:



  •     Fencing out to manage stock access and improve bank stabilisation

  •     Establishment of rock flumes, diversion banks and sediment basins

  •     Establishment of off stream water infrastructure

  •     Revegetation

  •     Establishment of rock structures to slow down water flows


The group has dealt with soil health in terms of productivity, asset protection and water quality by carrying out works to stabilise soils using the following methods:


  •     Fence out for stock management

  •     Increase vegetation through tree planting and natural regeneration of grasses

  •     Diversion banks and sediment basins to divert water from erosive areas

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
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