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Deddick River


The Deddick River Landcare Group formed in 1991, is situated within the Deddick River Valley and covers an area of approximately 6,500 hectares. The group area is located between Dellicknora and McKillops Bridge on the Snowy River and is situated 200kms north east of the City of Bairnsdale. The group is located in an isolated farming valley which is surrounded by the Alpine National Park and Snowy River National Park.


Land use in the area is varied and includes;


  • Sheep

  • Beef cattle

  • Lifestyle allotments

  • Private forest

  • State forest

  • National Parks


Deddick River Tributaries:


  • Deddick River

  • Amboyne Creek

  • Painters Camp Creek

  • Gulf Creek

  • Running Creek

  • Mutches Creek


Natural attractions in the district include;


  • Snowy River

  • Snowy River National Park

  • Alpine National Park

  • Amboyne Bridge picnic area

  • Deddick River

Historic attractions in the area include;


  • McKillops Bridge

  • Amboyne Bridge

  • Silver Mine Walking Trail


Deddick River Landcare Group History and Reasons for its Formation

When the Deddick River Landcare group formed its primary concerns were with the control of pest plants and animals, soil stabilisation and pasture improvement.


With the successful attainment of Weeds Initiatives Grants from the Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment during the period between1996 and 2000, the group committed themselves to a long term, coordinated weed management program to control invasive weed species such as Horehound, Patterson’s Curse and Scotch Thistle. This program included the development of a Management Plan in 1997, to identify and direct control methods, including strategic grazing management and the establishment of improved pasture species by direct drilling.


An integral component of the weeds program, was the establishment of improved pastures involved the Deddick River Pasture Trial in 2001, funded by the Land Protection Incentive Scheme (LPIS). The group trialled pasture species to assess their competitiveness with weed species and to reduce soil erosion and sediment transport into the Deddick River.


The group was also successful in obtaining Second Generation Landcare funding through East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority for their Rabbit Buster & Weeds Control programs 2001-2002 and 2004-2005.


In 2005 the group obtained further funding for weed control and pasture establishment through their Regional Priority Weed Control and Pasture Establishment Program.


The increased presence of Feral Pigs has also become an issue of concern for the local landholders and opportunities are being explored to control this situation.

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