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Delegate River Where to from here?

Well as you know, the quality of water and the condition of our streams has a large bearing on the quality of life for our communities, and the sustainability of fish resources and wildlife.


Substantial investment has occurred on the Delegate River in a program to remove willows and tackle blackberry infestations.


Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee has been a major stakeholder in river programs in order to promote environmental projects and represent the interests of local communities 

We have listened to community concerns and have looked at future improvements to the river system and community health.

Useful and current information is hard to find.  


Among others, we checked with the Shire Council for data, but they confirmed that they do not have enough recent information for this type of project... Our partners agree that further information and community engagement will help us go forward.


So what is the condition of the river corridor and what is the status of water quality?  


Let's find out...


We are currently seeking funding options to gain a soild understanding of where future river and land projects should be prioritised.  

As soon as we can, we will get busy to build river information and concentrate on future activities for Delegate River.  

Check out this webinar facilitated by the International River Foundation

eFISHency in Australian waters: fish, migration and passage

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