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Weeds - they are worth fighting

February 14, 2017

Stephen Burns reports in The Land, just how difficult farming can be in the presence of pasture weeds such as African Lovegrass.  Fred Nichols confirms that ALG is a genuine fire threat.  Respected grazier David Goggin reflects on the lost production and extra work that is caused by heavy weed infestation.  Weeds are worth fighting, so attack them early or suffer the legacy... 

Follow discussion on wild dogs

Our region is important for natural produce and land management, however farmers and community are confronted with wild dog attacks on stock and the loss of productivity that results from this ever present concern.  This episode of Landline discusses the limitations of the new PAPP bait, and explores the impact of dogs on graziers such as our long standing Chairman Robert Belcher.  

Community Meeting for Plan Review - Bendoc, Bonang, Goongerah, Tubbut

The East Gippsland Shire Council developed a community plan in 2012 with a number of community members in the Bendoc, Bonang, Tubbut and Goongerah areas.  Some community members met with the planning consultants on 24 July 2016 in order to review the status of the community plan, and to shape new initiatives that the community is keen to promote. Follow-up meetings have been scheduled however the results of these sessions are yet to surface.  

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