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The Craigie Landcare Group formed in 1993 and incorporated in 1995. The landcare area takes in the Craigie River Valley extending from the Junction of Delegate and Craigie Roads in the north to just acros the border into Victoria near Bendoc in the south, covering an area of approximately 12 000ha. Craigie Landcare group is situated between the townships of Delegate and Bombala, NSW.


 Neighbouring landcare groups include Little Plains to the north, Delegate River to the west and Mila to the East.


Tributaries include:


  • Little Plains River

  • Craigie Bog Creek

  • Black Bobs Creek

  • Boundary Creek

  • Sandy Creek

  • Ila Creek

  • Bourkes Creek

  • The Deep Creek


Land use in the Craigie area


  • Merino sheep

  • Prime lamb

  • Beef cattle

  • Fodder cropping (dual purpose Winter wheat, rape)

  • Private Forestry

  • State Forestry


Craigie History


Craigie Landcare members have worked to control dense willow and blackberry populations on the Little Plains River. Several projects have been undertaken over the years and more recently a top down approach has been used to address areas of regrowth and hard to access sites along the Little Plains River. Landholders are taking up the opportunity to control blackberry once the willows have been removed.


Many landholders have participated in revegetation projects to protect remnant species and increase biodiversity, to establish shelter belts to protect pastures and provide shade for stock, to create linkages between areas of bush.


Pasture weeds are high on the list of issues for the landcare group and include serrated tussock, nodding thistle and bent grass. In 2009, the group was part of a regional serrated tussock project that involved mapping and spraying.

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Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
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