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Bonang Landcare Group ceased operation in 2014. Affected landholders and Members may join nearby Groups, or you may even join Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee directly in order to gain the benefits offered by our network.


Within the boundaries of the Bonang River Landcare Group there were originally two groups, the Dellicknora Landcare group and the Bonang River Landcare group.


The Dellicknora Landcare Group was one of the first twenty Landcare groups in Victoria and formed in the 1980’s. It had a primary focus of dealing with issues arising from the Hobbs Rd Gravel pit and pasture management. It was one of the first groups in Victoria to receive funding for Willow control.


The Bonang River Landcare Group was situated 100km north of the township of Orbost. It covered an area of approximately 7,500 hectares. The Landcare group included the area surrounding the communities of Delegate River, Dellicknora and Bonang and is situated in the far northern reaches of East Gippsland.


The group area was located between the NSW/ VIC border and the intersection of the McKillops Rd and Dellicknora Roads at Cabanandra. The group was located in an isolated farming region which is surrounded by State Forests, Errinundra National Park, Snowy River National Park and the Alpine National Park.

Primary Land use:


  •     Merino Sheep

  •     Prime Lamb

  •     Beef Cattle

  •     Hobby Farmers

  •     Private Forests

  •     State Forests

  •     National Parks

  •     Lifestyle Allotments


Bonang Landcare area Tributaries:


  •     Bonang River

  •     Bowan Creek

  •     Pinch Swamp Creek

  •     Dellicknora Creek

  •     Sawpit Creek

  •     Big Murrumbidgee

  •     Warbisco Creek

  •     Delegate River



The Bonang Landcare Group’s primary focus:


  •     Willow control

  •     Pasture weeds including serrated tussock

  •     Erosion control

  •     Pasture management


Members have been involved in a number of large projects:


  •     Warbisco Erosion Project

  •     Willow control in the Headwaters of the Bonang, Deddick and Delegate Rivers

  •     Restoration of the Bonang River project.

  •     Blackberry control project

  •     Pest animal control (rabbit, wild dog and fox)



The Bonang Landcare Group disbanded after a short period of Recess.  If you have any inquiries about joining a landcare group in this region, please contact the Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee, Office.
02 64584003 or email us at

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc
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